Big data discovery
for the data scientist
in all of us

For anyone lost in a sea of big data,
doolytic is your lifeline

Big data is everywhere,
let doolytic help you conquer it.
Any data type, any data source.

Big data is everywhere. Not just data volume, but the myriad types and sources of data that surround us.

Transactional, web, social, IoT, images, documents, video, audio, telco… We’re swimming in a sea of data.

doolytic is a big data native platform that enables discovery on any size and type of data, from any source, in real time.

Get the insights you need from big data discovery. Don’t just conquer your data – put it to work for you.

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The doolytic advantage

doolytic is an enterprise software solution for native discovery on big data. doolytic is based on best-of-breed, scalable, open source technologies.

  • End to end platform solution
  • Lightening performance on billions of records and petabytes of data
  • Hadoop and Elastic based architecture
  • Structured, unstructured and real-time data from any source
  • Natural user interface
  • Sophisticated advanced query capabilities for expert users
  • Integration with R for advanced and predictive applications
  • Lower TCO than other BI tools