Explore big data stories through the eyes of doolytic customers

Smooth sailing on Hadoop data lakes

Customers have stopped trying to corral their big data in traditional BI tools - they've put it to work for them with doolytic's big data native platform. They're making better business decisions based on their big data in real time, from any source.

Visibility through the doolytic Customer Connect program opens doors to new business contacts in your profession, with industry analysts and in the media

Your decision to deploy doolytic for big data discovery can produce even more value than the business problems you solve and the smart return on investment you realize. Through the doolytic Customer Connect program, you gain opportunities to put your achievements in the spotlight while earning deserved recognition for your company, your team, and your career.

Working with doolytic’s marketing professionals, you get your story out, win support for new doolytic initiatives within your organization, and help other doolytic users by sharing your experiences, while putting yourself in a better position to learn from theirs.

Visibility through the doolytic Customer Connect program broadens horizons and can be a valuable asset for moving a company and a career forward.

Your level of participation in the doolytic Customer Connect program depends on your organization’s policies and procedures regarding public disclosure.
Our marketing professionals work directly with your organization for approval of all information intended for the public domain. Even if your organization limits disclosure, you can still participate in non public activities.

Confidential activities can include serving as a sales reference or speaking with industry analysts. They can also include participation in doolytic and industry events without disclosure of your company’s identity in promotions or media coverage. You can still make important career contacts and gain positive visibility while conforming to your organization’s policies regarding public referencing.