Don’t just conquer your data – put it to work for you

Leverage the power of Hadoop datalakes with no latency and concurrency issues

Search, analyze, and visualize data from any format, any source in real time with the flexibility of Elastic

Embrace the possibilities of machine learning, pattern recognition and predictive analytics with R

Unleashing the citizen data scientist


doolytic architecture

doolytic solves common BI problems and enables big data discovery without clumsy and inefficient workarounds, enabling expert BI users to reveal their inner data scientists

  • Simplifies Hadoop complexity
  • Solves Hadoop’s concurrency and latency issues
  • Is a NoSQL connector for Hadoop
  • Runs on low cost hardware
  • ETL not required to connect any type of data
  • Enables self service data preparation
  • Uses a native interface based on standard HTML objects
  • Preserves investment in existing BI tools with doolytic connectors

doolytic for Industry

Self-service data preparation with no ETL or data modeling allows business users to focus on big data discovery solutions for their specific industry

Smart products

doolytic enables R&D teams to improve products on the fly, reacting to real time data on operating parameters of products in the hands real customers, allowing for a targeted offering


doolytic enables big data discovery on production, Internet of Things and sensor data, giving businesses a competitive advantage in preventive maintenance and saving both money and time

Fraud detection

Protect customers with anomalous behavior alerts, reducing fraud and guaranteeing optimal customer care

Customer analytics

Gain new insights by analyzing every “touch point” that prospects have with your business. Turn your social channels, marketing campaigns, loyalty and promotional programs rich sources for smart discovery

Customer experience

Make smarter business decisions by analyzing customer traffic data with detail down to single download, streaming and service levels