The new version of doolytic application has been released3 / 4 / 19

The new version of doolytic application has been released

Get the most from your data with doolytic 4i. The new release of big data analytics application evolves both the back-end and front-end functionalities. With its renewed user interface it simplifies access to data, speeds analysis time and maximizes business results.

"The new look-and-feel features come from experience with our customers in the field - said Sergio Fraccon, doolytic Managing Director - and increase the vocation to be a business tool".

Watch the video with the anomaly detection use case!

These are the new functionalities:


  •     Code review and optimization

Discovery & Charting:

  •     Renewed look, with fixed navigation bar on discovery table.
  •     Uniformed design and new icon set.
  •     Automatic switching between the different supported execution engines, according to the cardinality of the dataset to be analyzed.

Dashboard Developer:

  •     Revised and improved the functionality of the dashboard reload.
  •     Added the ability to reload the individual chart.
  •     Chart Filter management improved: user can now set filter on "groups" of graphs.
  •     Added autocomplete functionality on filter field.
  •     Added a Free text search field.


  •     Standard API rest exposed, available via external connectors (e.g powerbi).

Engine integration:

  •     Extended support on Elasticsearch v2.x and 5.x.
  •     In the next version of doolytic, support for Elasticsearch 2.x will be removed.

Backend integration:

  •     Automatic switching on Charting between available engine Spark/Impala/Hive.
  •     The switch is invisible to the user.

SQL Editor:

  •     SQL Editor revisited, user now can write handfree queries.


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