NEW: doolytic releases Fixed Network Analytics Solution for Telco3 / 11 / 19

NEW: doolytic releases Fixed Network Analytics Solution for Telco

Fixed Network Analytics doolytic Solution is a scalable solution that allows to analyze, integrate and aggregate a large amount of data.
For Telco companies extract value out of data means know users’ behaviour for the most accessed services, plan the topology and size the devices on real bases, identify and prevent peaks and gridlock times.
DPI tools allows to export all the data in CSV format, easy to read but less handy and efficient than others for analytical purpose. Moreover, DPI data can easily exceed a billion of records per day and a scalable solution is required to handle this large amount of data.

Doolytic’s Fixed Network Analytics Solution is the answer to needs like:
• Inspect the network gridlock for a geographical selection of devices.
• Analyze the impact of a promotional activity.
• Study the use of shaping policy for client with high churn risk.

See details and download pdf here!

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